The Youth Must Face The Changes Of The World Courageously

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As lion share of the members of the Orthodox Parishes in UAE are youngsters, these Parishes could be called Youth Parishes and the youth could donate very valid and creative contributions than elders, with their unity and enthusiasm, said Fr. Dr. K.M George. He was presenting the main theme (the presence of Christ in a changing world) of the annual Zonal conference of the Youth movement units in all parishes in UAE, held at St. George Orthodox Church, Abu Dhabi on 2nd Dec 2003. Whenever a new President takes over the office in USA, in his maiden message to the nation, declares about the steps planned for the changing world in the coming years. This is on a misunderstanding that he is responsible for the world order. It is only because of a false understanding known as ‘Megayo media’. It is a renewed attempt of colonization of the past. This truth is revealed clearly in the famous poem in English “A Whitman’s burden” H.H. The Pope gave the rights of the countries in the west to the Spanish and the right of the countries in the east to the Italians in the16th century. As a result a team under the leadership of Vasco De Gamma reached India and another team under the leadership of Columbus reached the North America and they established their colonies. In those days the Popes believed that it was their responsibility to look after the world order.

We could come to know that there was a world order from the creation, as explained in the Holy Scriptures. Cosmos is the right word to be utilized in the meaning of Universe and all the creations in the universe. Its literal meaning is the order. It has got another meaning ‘beauty’. The word related to the beautification is cosmetic. The melodious and dynamic world order established by God has it’s own uniqueness, attraction, transparency. In the view of the contemporary Presidents of USA, all world orders are in great disorder. That is why the Government of USA has occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. Indian Orthodox Church is a founder member of the World Council of Churches from 1948 onwards. WCC had selected ‘Man’s order and disorder’ for the study and perusal in 1948. Instead of disorder sometimes we use the term ‘violence’, (in Malayalam, we use ‘Akramam’ meaning which is not in the ‘kramam’/order) which also literally means disorder.

In 1998 H.H. The Pope John Paul had invited all Catholic Bishops to Rome to think about the stand to be adopted in the new Millennium. Fr. George was lucky enough to attend the Synod, representing the Indian Orthodox Church as a special invitee. During the Synod days H.H. The Pope used to invite a few to dine with His Holiness. One day Fr. George was also invited for the dinner with His Holiness. When Fr. George got a close audience with His Holiness, he asked the Pope, “Today the entire world is looking forward to the future with fear. What is your Holiness’ advice to the world?” The answer was not spontaneous, but very quietly and affectionately His Holiness answered, “I don’t think that there is nothing to worry as there won’t be frightening and poisonous events in the 21st century as in the case of 20th century.” Fr. George considers this answer from the practical knowledge of His Holiness, as he might have seen the cruel brutality of Hitler when he assassinated 6 million people cruelly.

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