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Body is the expression of the whole person. Christ has redeemed us so that we might become united with him, for “anyone united to the Lord becomes one spirit with him”. Each person who has been spiritually united to the Lord must not join in sexual immorality. Those sanctified by the Lord are now his holy temple, where he dwells by means of the Holy Spirit. Because they are inhabited by the Holy God, they must live in holiness.

If one place one’s body at the disposal of casual sex, the body has taken the wrong turning, and becomes flesh, which for St Paul has often a bad sense, signifying human nature perverted – not perverted because it is material but as a totality it has fallen away from God and is living man centred. The body is also capable, however not in its own strength but by the operation of the Holy Spirit, of turning to the right direction and living God centred: if this happens it moves into the realm not of flesh but of spirit – not because it has ceased to be material but because as a totality it is controlled by the Spirit of God. God provides the means by which man may achieve the God centred existence which means life in the spirit.

Church/Individual is the shrine, in which the spirit dwells – when the unity and purity of the moral life of the individual are threatened, he recalls that the spirit dwells in each Christian, who ought not therefore to defile the Spirit’s shrine. So use your bodies for the glory of God.

Freedom and Sexuality:

“I am free to do anything, but not everything is for the best. I am free to do anything, but I will not let my body be dominated by anything…..sexual immorality, the body for the Lord and the Lord for the body”

(i) The Holy Spirit does not lead us away from the body, but defines existence in the body as existence before God.

As one who has bodily existence, I belong to God; or to put in otherwise, the body is the place and the means of glorifying God. Body is in virtual corporate relations with others. It is impossible to become “one body” with a prostitute and remain a bodily “member of Christ”. We have an enlightened and empowered individualism by persistently calling attention to the relationships with God, Christ, the Spirit, and one another in the assembly that constitutes their new life.

(ii) Our temple is not made of bricks and mortar, but consists of those who do so glorify God by believing and obeying Him.

If God is in us, we will not dare to do any of the things we do. Do not put unworthy material into the construction of the temple of God. It does involve relation with God, and if a man wrecks the relation of the Church with God, this can only mean that he has rejected grace for himself; he has denied his own relation with God. We are the temple of God. It is our responsibility to take care that we are not defiled in any way.

(iii) God has consecrated us as a temple for Himself, at the same time He has appointed them a keepers of His temple.

For every Christian is a living stone for the erecting of God’s building. Our faith should last in the obedience of Christ and Christ alone. We are the temple because He dwells in you by His spirit; for no unclean place can be God’s dwelling place. God pours out the power of His Holy Spirit. To keep our bodies away from all filthiness: Our bodies are temples of the spirit.  We are not under our own jurisdiction because the Lord has acquired us for Himself as his own private property. What a great honour God bestows upon us in wishing to dwell in us! So we should be all the more afraid lest we should drive Him away and He should abandon us, angered by our acts of impurity.

(iv) We have to do more than just exist. As a source of divine grace for the church we have a key role to play in the sanctification.

We are set apart to radiate the holiness of God. Thus to defile the spiritual temple by inappropriate behaviour was not only to negate its holiness, it frustrated the carrying out of the plan of salvation. Human body is important in God’s eyes and has a definite place in His plan of salvation.

The sexual act is sacred and creates a permanent bond. Physical love makes two people ‘one flesh’ – fused into one – happily married for a long time. They are incomplete without each other. However, physical union for mere pleasure – the definition here is transitory. Permanence and stability are excluded from this and therefore the act is in a way a lie. Body – God dwells within it, making it the temple of God. Our bodies are holy and must be used to give glory to God, not to act out a lie and insult Christ.

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