Is There Any Need Of An Expectation In The New Testament Era?

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Dear Young Friends,

I am really delighted to be in touch with you all through the lines of Young Herald. As we all know, we as a Church is preparing to enter the Great Lent. Lents could be compared to the refresher courses/periodical exercises of the Military personnel in all countries. During such occasions the military personnel make sure that they are fit for fighting with the enemy. The fighting troops have to take care of self defense first. We Christians are compared to soldiers of the secular world. We have to fight with the evil forces and Satan. Our Lord taught us that prayer and fasting are the only weapons with which we could defeat Satan. Whatever our Lord taught, they were taught only after showing us the practical side of the teaching, in which, our Lord took the initiative. Our Lord fasted for 40 days and 40 nights together. And then only He insisted us to observe fasting and Lent.

On 1st of February every year we observe a festival called ‘Mayaltho’. On this day we remember the event when and where St. Mary, Mother of God and St. Joseph took infant Jesus to the Jerusalem temple. According to the Jewish religious custom, all new born babes were to be presented to Lord God in the House of God. And hence our Lord was also taken to Jerusalem temple. In the Holy Bible the name of an old man and an old lady are mentioned. The old, noble and humble Simeon and St. Hanna are considered as representatives of the thousands who had been waiting for years together to meet their savior/Messiah. Our Church remembers this two saints and do seek their intercession. It is a fact that the Israel tribe as a whole from the time of Adam, were in the hope and expectation of the savior. It is said that there were thousands and thousands of faithful, in different corners of the premises of the Jerusalem temple, waiting for their redeemer. When weexamine the Old Testament, we could find it as a history of the long expectation of the savior. We could find many kings, priests, prophets and people of different walks of lives to grant efficient leadership for the expectation. of St. Basil, St. Gregory and the other Church Fathers.

Is there any need of an expectation in the New Testament era? If yes, whom we should expect and long for? In the first chapter of Acts of the Apostles, we read Lord Jesus instructing the early church to wait for the promise of His Father. They waited with one mind and one prayer and they all were blessed with the gift of Holy Spirit. We all have received the Holy Spirit through the Holy Baptism and Holy Mooron. As we have received the Holy Spirit once, it a must to wait for Holy Spirit? In all the sacraments there are occasions when and where the Holy Spirit would appear and inspire on the given mysteries/objects. In the Holy Qurbana, the crown of all Sacraments, there is a special occasion when Holy Spirit would brood upon the mysteries and would convert the bread and wine as the flesh and blood of our Savior. It is a solemn and very important occasion during the sacrament. If we must get the abundant supply/abideness of the Holy Spirit, we will have well preparation and waiting for the Holy spirit. If Holy Spirit is not indwelling upon the Holy mysteries, they won’t be transformed as the flesh and blood of Jesus. So whenever we would attend a Sacrament, we must long for the abundant supply of the Holy Spirit.

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