Catholicose Elect Reveals H.B’s Thoughts In The Mind.

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H.B. Mar Milithios, Catholicose Elect and Metropolitan of Kunnamkulam Diocese said, until today HB had audience with God Almighty only. HB was not willing for an audience so far, as most of the audiences are not sincere. They are aimed for certain interests that might lead to controversies and unnecessary arguments. Metropolitan expressed that HB will take up and meet what all are the responsibilities and assignments, and they will be treated as the personal vision in the new position.

HB explained about his hope about the Holy Church in the following way.

The Holy Church in the 21st century must be a witnessing Church. “I will pray and work hard for the steady and blessed march of the united Church ahead to prosperity and peace. I do respect H.H The Catholicos as my father. My aim and attention will be to remain close to His Holiness supporting all the programs and ideas of His Holiness. I had never dreamed of a place in the leadership line of the H. Church. My mind is still perplexed. I must have the prayer support of one and all. Church is not a movement to be guided by a single person. One driver could drive a car, when and where passengers must be there in the front and rear seats. The passengers have no part in driving the car. When an organization, or a nation or a church is to be guided, it cannot be done by a single person. We all will have to join hands together to lead the Church in the coming years. The head of the Church is only a position. All members will have to exercise their own talents and services along with the head of the Church. In a foot ball team it is the joint action that leads the team to success. Like wise all have their own responsibilities and assignments. In my view a small kid also has his own assignments.”

When asked about H. B’s assessment about the position of the Catholicos Elect,

it was remarked, “I can see me as a cheap clay vessel. Though you all might see me in the new position with so many attractions, I am quite sure about my own merits and demerits. So I could submit myself before God Almighty as a cheap clay vessel. I am not simply telling so. It is the fact. I am not sure why God has selected this clay vessel to this position. This is my humble request to one and all that you all must pray for me and to safeguard this clay vessel from damage.” By remembering the past experience of being the Assistant to His Holiness, H.B said “Everything went on smoothly so far by the Grace of God. I am confident that the entire Church including the clergy and the laymen would join together and speed up its progress to high levels. I am sure that the creative co-operation of one and all will be beneficial for our missions and visions to come true.” Thirumeni spoke about the place ‘Kunnamkulam’ where H.B was born and bought up. “The Malankara Nazranis of Kunnamkulam had been so sincere, honest and trustworthy in the past. The local Kings of Kochi have appreciated this several times.” H.B is hopeful of the future of the Holy Church. May God Almighty bless H.B. with long life with peace, happiness, good health, and all similar blessings. Let us pray and wish “Long live Holy Father”.

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