Who is God? Who Is Man?

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The world around us is in a constant state of turmoil and unrest. Every day we are bombarded with graphic details of some gruesome crimes and atrocities committed around us and around the world. Thousands of innocent people are killed every year in the name of ethnic cleansing and terrorist attacks. What is happening to us? What is happening to this world? Is there a light at the end of this dark tunnel? These burning questions make me look back at the scriptures and early fathers to find a reasonable answer. One of the rational explanations that jump to my mind is that people have lost touch with reality and with God. The concept of religion and faith has undergone a drastic transformation and this in turn has negatively impacted man’s thought patterns and his attitude towards his fellow human beings.

Two Questions always come to our mind. Who is God? Who is man?

It is therefore vital to go back to our basic concept of the relation ship between God and man. In this context two important questions come to my mind. “Who is God?”, “Who Is man?” Right from the Creation man is bonded to his creator. It is similar to the bond a mother has for her baby. It is steadfast and everlasting. The role of religion in perpetuating this relationship is paramount.

Through religion man is searching for God, and through the Gospel, God is searching for man. Now let us take a minute to ponder over my basic question. “Who is man?” This will take us back to the Creation. There are two levels of creations. The first level of creation is called “noetic,” “Spiritual” or intellectual level, and the second level is called the material or bodily level. On the first level God formed the angels, who have no material body, on the second level; he formed physical universe, the galaxies, stars and planets, with various types of minerals, vegetations and animal life. What level does Mankind belong? Mankind alone exists on both levels at the same time. Through his spirit, or spiritual intellect man has connections with angels through his body. And with his soul he moves, feels, thinks, eats and drinks.

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