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Birth Control Techniques

A safe sex and birth control method to curtail the population explosions is a transgression that trespasses the Divine law, other than by the infliction of the technique of self-control. God is the giver and sustainer of everything, hence not allowed to encroach into His territory. We may be able to control the population by artificial methods, but what we will do if God fiddles with the oxygen level of the air. In order to neutralize the toxin level that is enhanced by sexual excesses and food, fasting seasons are prescribed by every religion, so that during the fasting time the toxin will be consumed as food. Fasting and prayers are meant for the cleansing of the body by reducing the toxin level by the abstinence of food and shedding tears that contain body impurities. Anything excess is bad, notably the sexual excesses that can weaken our body metabolism by losing the vital forces, despite it can exchange mutual benefits if engaged to a minimum. The Indian yogi’s prescription is this. “ Twice a day, twice a month, twice a year”. Cleaning the bowel twice daily, enjoying the conjugal pleasures twice a month and shaving twice a year prescription is in tatters in these days of sex culture. Apparently, Onanism (Gen.38: 9), a natural process, cannot ession anymore because God wanted to have more of His children in those days. The birth control methods are the ones by which we despise the authority of God. One who gave us mouth knows how to feed us also.

Flesh and Blood, A Bar For Heavenly Entry

The weaknesses of the flesh propels the blood to boil. “ Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God” (1.Cor.15: 50). These theoretical conjectures cannot help us because none born of woman is sinless due to the weaknesses of the flesh, the spirit of which is the spirit of this world. Repentance and penitence help us for a backward journey along the path of salvation just before pushing for a forward journey. Salvation to man is impossible in accordance with natural justice, but it is not impossible to God, the unending ocean of mercy. Mary Magdalene and St. Augustine are the classical examples to this line of reference. Despite there were numberless profligates during their times only two people of their brand could come to the cross of salvation, so also only one robber was transported to paradise, in spite the other one on the other side and many others reached to their doom. No one should wait for such a chance, as we don’t know what the next moment would come to be. One can lead a chaste and harmonious life and produce the fruits of the H. Spirit (Gal.5: 23) provided one bridles the destructive and wanton pleasures for the sake of the Lord who conquered everything at the expense of His life.

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