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Pre-marital Life

Any form of sexual enjoyments what so ever outside wedlock is a forbidden fruit that is detrimental for our mental and body health which controls our mind and all other inner senses. Any deviant sex pleasure is a health risk because it vandalizes with the chemistry of the body unnaturally and hinders the natural development on account of inner guilt. Sex control blooms all other inner senses to maturity, the silent witness to our personality. Every word and action in our body bears an indelible mark in our system that ignites spontaneously in our everyday life activities knowingly or unknowingly. The inner guilt that bears an indelible mark in our system will betray us at every moment of our life. “ An innocent youth is a priceless possession”, writes Mahatma Gandhi. Our pre-marital life should condition our whole being for gaining mind over matter development. The temperamental and mood conditioning is the precursor of mental equanimity, the faithful guardian to propel the life that should be conducive to the spouse who owns a different personality and comes from a different family background and set up. Sex control is the nucleus of all other passions that tame our inner being. Though ‘Kamasutra’ is a piece of Indian sex literature, the hermits have recommended that one should be a ‘Brahmachari’ (celibate) till the door that opens for the first nuptial night after the marriage. It is a science that became a part of the religion because the underlying principle of all commandments and directions are for nurturing a harmonious life in our family, private and social intercourse. In short, sex is a forbidden tree except in marital life with number of limitations.

Unity of mind and thought between the couple at the time of sexual union gives a high performance success and physical satisfaction, whereas the element of conflicts or infidelity or any other thought waves that culminating any mutual apathy or aversion is a disaster in achieving the goal, and if conceived at the disliking moments, the offspring becomes a product of multiple forms of mental and physical catastrophes. Despite the medical science is advanced at an enviable level, the increase of chronic maladies are due to congenital problems. In order to avoid such maladies, the couples in the olden days used to come for sexual feat at the auspicious astrological times after spending so much of time in prayer, fasting and alms giving. Taking the consequences in such contexts, dating, fornication and any other sexual obscenities that tell upon future generation are despicable crimes, the punishments of such an abortive life style is a recipe for the devastation of our earthly life and even a detriment to our salvation. The devil who is following us at every moment of life also uses any momentary weakness in our life to be magnified and exhibited in front of the society and also as a website record to be presented after one’s death for damnation. The unripe sex (pre-marital) is a lethal explosive that shatters our life here on earth and beyond. Violation of any law, whether spiritual or natural, that make a rupture in the system invites the interference of a penal code of justice is beyond our comprehension.

Religious Life

All religions prescribe for cultivating all types of moral and religious sensibilities because they are the founding stones upon which our transitory life is built upon. Sound mind in a sound body is the aim of our life that helps us to have a healthy normal co-existence with our fellow beings. Just as the secular rulers abide by the rules that they made, The Righteous Judge also abides by an ethical and religious code that he had set before our creation. Commandments, statutes and covenants are the answers for such things. Retribution for adultery was stoning by death (Mt.5: 28-32), because it affects the whole family and the next generations that depend of that person. Anything that adversely affects one’s brethren is a sin. As our body is a sensor of God, anything that tell

upon the Glory and His purity is a crime that will have tidal wave effect thereafter. “ Neither the immoral, nor adulterers, nor sexual perverts…will inherit the Kingdom of God” (1.Cor.6: 9-10; 1.Pet. 4: 1-6; Mk.7: 22-23). All forms of sexual deviations will be punished severely (Rom.1: 26-27). The wages of sin is death. Any extra- marital sex is even punishable by death. The 7th and 10th commandments of the Mosaic Law prohibit all forms of sex outside wedlock. The net result of such voluptuousness is given in the following part of the just previously quoted verses.

Married Life

“ For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from unchastity; that each one of you know how to take a wife for himself in holiness and honor not in the passion of lust; that no man transgress, and wrong his brother in this matter, because the Lord is an avenger in all these things. For god has not called for uncleanness, but in holiness. Whoever disregards this, disregards God, who gives his H. Spirit to You” (1.thess.4: 1-8). Procreation is a work of God entrusted to the agents to lead an ideal life for propagation of the species. Despite the nervous pleasure embedded in the process is only a bonus, not for a daily hobby, given to the couple, the main business is to bring up children for continuing the earthly work of God. “ Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled; for God will judge the immoral and adulterous” Heb.13: 4). Since it used to be a delicate and private matter, the bedroom ethics is not delineated in the scriptural literature. There is no night in Heaven because there is no sex there. There is night here for the sake of procreation work of God. There is darkness here for the cover up of conjugal performance; in other words, no room for nudity in family life. Besides, the genital organs are located at the arse end of the main frame, so that they shouldn’t be seen exposed at the time of union. Once exposed to such things will bring in shame, derision and dishonor to have a pure social and family life, also comes punishments from God.

God destroyed Sodom because homosexuality process is contrary to the theory of the dissemination of the race, and as a result it is a serious sin severely punishable from God. It is a perverted unnatural enjoyment that is not even common among animals. There are stringent limitations to the sensual pleasures; say gluttony even is a sin. Same-sex relationship, the mother of lethal Aids plague is a veritable hell for the modern man, mainly due to anal and oral sex as allegedly proven by medical science. There are no provisions for such perverted enjoyments definitely in married life or at any time. Besides, the fasting seasons and Holy days are set apart for a pious life exempted from sexual enjoyments. We are not allowed to look or do that which whet our sex appetite. This includes, vulgar advertisements, and any pornographic materials. The marriage bed should be kept undefiled from such unnatural and amorous revelries. Every action will have equal and opposite reactions. The older generations used to instruct that one should not look at one’s own body parts, owing to the fact that it will arouse sexual excitement leading to the unholy destinations. There is subtlety, delicateness and opaqueness in all such matters related to sex, as every cell carries the imprint of sex. “ Too many kiss of the child is for nurse’s sake”. No deviant methods to be adopted other than ticking the warming up sessions before the main menu. Respecting God and each other is the main guideline of the wedded life. Consequently, divorce, defacto relationship, dating, flirting and wooing are all blacklisted in the spiritual websites.

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