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Happy New Year?


It is very clear to us today that millions of God’s children will not have a happy New Year in the South-East Asian region. The devastating oceanic earthquake and subsequent tidal waves (Tsunamis) that destroyed life and property worth of billions of dollars in more than eight countries is blatant to our eyes. One of the holiest places that Christians normally throng, the Velankanni Church in Tamil Nadu, was also terribly hit by the tidal waves. It has shaken the life and faith of many people. At the point of this write-up the total number of life lost is estimated at 26,000.00 as per CNN.

The war in Iraq is still going on with no sign of easing terrorism. Poverty is still a reality in many continents. AIDS has been affecting more countries predominantly as a sign man’s failure to abide with God’s law of human relationship. In India alone there are more than 10 million AIDS patients which will multiply to 25 million in 10 years, according to a study conducted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN. Drought or hurricane or other natural calamities have affected the economy of Kerala in the past two years. More than 100 families committed suicide in the past two years because they could not pay off their loans.

Religious leaders are becoming all the more blind. Many educated and spiritually brought-up people fail to find value of human freedom, life, and the very goal of existence. Misunderstood concept of Church and its mission has confused more people than ever in history. Anger and hatred between major religions are still rampant. Even Christians have miserably failed in grasping the mission that Lord Jesus Christ entrusted them. Hatred is the art of the game for everyone. It has become impossible to see people of other religions, language and ethnicity as our own. People’s tendency to be exclusive is on the increase. Jesus Christ’s message of inclusiveness is falling into deaf ears.

In this atmosphere, how do we wish others “Happy and Prosperous New Year?” It is a riddle for many. Finding answers and logistics at this point will not lead us anywhere. What we need is determination and action. We must hold on to the right conviction that “God is still in charge”. The creator has a plan for everything. Laws of nature have natural consequences but God has supernatural way of deliverance because He is above natural laws. Indeed God created the nature and its laws. Humans should not waver when natural laws attack them. Human’s trust in the creator should increase in order to escape from the suffering that erupts from the nature. Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, hurricanes etc. are not within the limit of human control. Humans will perish in the fury of nature. But they are safe in the hands of their creator. Only those who have the faith to see the invisible plans of God will understand this. All others will write off it as an “uncontrollable” situation.

In all these adversities, humans must understand their limitations and powerlessness and subdue to the power of the Almighty. Death is not the end of everything and loss of material wealth is not a terrifying factor as we Christians believe. We are responsible for destruction caused by our own hands. Wars, hatred, political enmity, religious intolerance, sexual promiscuity, denominational arrogance, financial pride, personal vengeance, intellectual depravity, and so on are some of the human-made destructive forces with which people are killing each other. How will we answer to the Creator on these scores? We must find answers to these before we find answers to natural calamities. God will take care of problems that are within His areas. We must solve the problems that we create in our society. Also we must know what our responsibilities are at this juncture when our own kith and kin are suffering in another part of the world. Our duty is to sacrifice our own well-being to help them.

While praying for all those who perished and are suffering from this sad occurrence I am reminding myself of the bounden duty to open our hearts and pockets to help the needy. This is what God is asking us to do. When we fulfill our duties we will have a Happy and Prosperous New Year. And those who receive our help will also have a Happy New Year.

Wish you all a Blessed New Year!