Devotional Thoughts For The New Year

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Anything new is fascinating to the human mind. But, alas! novelty created by man “will not endure” and man goes ahead discontent in search of something newer and fascinating. This is equally true of earthly and carnal pleasure-generating environments and stimulants.

It is in this context that we need to listen to Heaven’s promise and assurance,” Behold I make all things new”. Creation was in the beginning all new and beautiful, with innocence, holiness and wisdom and the accompanying creative curiosity. Since those blessed days, creation has been marred by disobedience, selfishness, covetousness and rivalry-all of which attempted to defy and negate the enduring Love of God. While it was love that moved God to create us, it is again his love that moved to renew andre-create us to what we should be. Thus the joy of Christmas that marks the incarnation of God’s love and goodness to humanity, brings us glad tidings of great joy and the promise of a renewed and restored humanity.

As 2004 is pealed out and the new year is ushered in with prayers and revelries, it comes to us as a challenge to realize it as a transforming moment in our lives- to share a moment of a deep sense of humility and gratitude. “Hope” is the word that accompanies may a New Year Greeting . In truth it rests in our mental readiness to surrender our lives to the One who has promised to make us all new!. A new year obviously would bring in its train lots of opportunities and challenges as usual. They are to be faced and negotiated with “Christ “our Companion. The emerging situations and the environment may not proclaim any substantial change, but the change occurs in us, as we say to ourselves, “it’s a new day”! The situations may change ,but the willingness to get transformed, rests with us alone. May our New Year Resolutions be perched on a genuine desire to let God Change our lives, and to carry some Good News to those around us, of love hope and peace. That, of course, would change lives and be part of the “newness” that is promised to all.

It is significant that the Church exhorts us to welcome the Birth of Jesus with 25 days of lent, and greet the New Year morn with the Holy Liturgy and communion. Every festival has got a spiritual and a cultural aspect. Much care needs to be taken to ensure that one does not eclipse the other!

These are days when religious passion is ignited- not for the sake of human love, but for hate and war. Even religion and religious leaders stand bereft of the much needed credibility. Hence the need for strong moorings in human love, compassion and sacrifice as part of our spiritual convictions.

The New Years Day is one to ponder deep on the relevance of our existence, to feel humble and grateful before God, and to be a “good news “to those around us. The New Year becomes new ,only where it is opened and lived with the Lord who transforms everything.

May the readers be blessed and be filled with the spirit of compassion, love and an unquenchable thirst to seek after Truth, and thus to be NEW!

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