Dating And Its Implications In Society

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Dating: To go out on usually social/romantic dates (taken from dictionary).

It is a word that strikes terror (older generation) in some and excitement in others. It’s another question on which the Bible speaks not. Dating is a rather new phenomenon, and thus the Biblical writers had no concept of seeing someone without being engaged to them. However, perspectives can be gleaned on this subject by looking closely at the principles presented in the Bible. Please do not expect the Indian Orthodox Church to have a doctrinal view on this. This is silly. Dating, mutual interaction with the opposite sex is all cultural but should be within a Christian context. To an older generation Malayali who is settled in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle East, India etc the East (where they come from) is always right and the West is bad. According to the latest statistics of Human Behavior Programme conducted in Indian by Oxford University, UK, it was shocking to find that Kerala is the most sex-starved state. This leads to all the rape, harassment and abuse of woman. We claim that we are the most literate state but we have the highest number of female abuse in the country.

It is wrong to think that because our children interact with each other that they are having sex. How many parents are able to openly talk about sex with their children? How many parents can openly discuss sex with each other? Yes, we need to watch what our children are up to, but before throwing dirt at them and their ways, we have to accept certain facts. Our children born and raised in the US (UK, Australia etc), are American and not Indian. They might have an Indian identity, and you might want then to have Christian and Indian values, but never forget that their motherland (US, UK, AUSTRALIA etc) have something positive to offer them.

But, an even more pressing question for many is “OK, dating, but how far is too far”? Dating is problematic because one usually dates several people before settling down and marrying one, so there is the potential of giving a piece of yourself away to several people, thus leaving one’s spouse with a used and weathered heart.

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    enjoyed the article- frank and relevant

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