An Atraita God

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The only criterion in the last judgment (Mathew 25:31-)is love, as the sheep on the right side whose flesh, milk and wool are all for the shepherd. God is the judge and all nations are before the Judgment Throne as the loving sheep on the right side and the fighting goats in the left. Hence all religious people must love each other without the selfish aims, with the freedom of voluntary conversion to any religion without external force. The image of God in human species is the freedom and love. May I call upon all my brothers and sisters in all religions and no religions to love each other personally, socially and in a cosmic measure. God is love in 1 John 4:8,16 is the definition of Atraita personal God,one ousia and three hypostases ie, one essence of love and three persons. So let us practise infinite love which loves the enemies also as friends. The Atraita God is the source and end of all people of all time created as the image of God. The Christian churches must repent for the fanatic and fundamentalistic martyrdom of saints and so called heretics in the first millennium. The divisions and the forceful conversions of the second millennium. The third millennium must equate ecclesia and the un baptized loving people of all the world.

Salvation is the free gift of God and love in historyis compared to the burning candle of self denial ofsri Rama who left the throne and suffered for others for fourteen years in the wilderness the prophet Muhammed whose flight to Madeena from Macca in great suffering is the beginning of Muslim era. Jesus Christ the cosmic Incarnation of divine love in the centre of history between B.C and A.D beckoning all of us to follow Him to taking our own crosses as crowns. God so loved the world {J 3:16 } for the expiation of sin of the whole world{1 john 2:2}. If faith in God is the only means of salvation, demons also will be saved, they believe in God and shiver {James 2:19}in Roman 2nd chapter circumcision or baptism is an internal sacrament and not external. St. Paul concluded the song of love saying, now ‘remain faith hope and love but the greatest is Love’ {1 Cor:13.13}. In the New Testament it is very clear that God of Old Testament was Jehovah, the communal God of Jews alone with only fragmentary revelation through prophets {Heb1:1-3}. But Jesus Christ is the perfect revelation of God’s own son. This may seem a radical philosophy of atraita God comprehending and going beyond advaitha Brahman. According to atraita, evil is not the creation of God who is goodness. In Gen.1:1-3 darkness or evil was pre-existent negativity and God said “let there be light” God alone is positive. In the consummation of time devil is burned out in the fire and the children of God are in the new heaven and new earth where “he will wipe every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying no pain any more for the former things have passed away.” {Rev.21: 4}

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