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What are the benefits of the Philosophy of Atraita God over the Philosophy of Advaitha Brahman?

  • In Advaita Brahman and Atman are non dualism above monism and pluralism. But the answer given by the Atraita is that God is a paradoxical mystery of God as love. In Atraita philosophy God is not limited by unity and Trinity but the answer is the Tri-unity of infinite love which is the answer between the conflict of monotheism and polytheism. The negativity of Atraita God is included in the infinite love of God.
  • Infinite love means that Divine love is not beastly carnal love nor human friendly love (Philia) but the infinite love of God which in Greek is called agape and Latin amor.
  • Atraita philosophy is capable of showing that the love of triune God is expressed in Islam by compassionate Allah, who is love and ‘Sachidananda’ of Kesab Chadra Sen, the hindu scholar to whom sat is called the Father, chit is Christ, the Son and anand is the Holy Spirit. In other words, Tri-unity of God’s being and energy comprehends Islam’s monotheism and Hindu tri-theism.
  • All religions and ideologies including negative atheism and negative Ahumanism (Nir manushathuam)in the positive triune God. In the Triune God of Atraita philosophy which is the one infinite love that gives rain to the just and unjust and the God of sanadhana eternal love of loving God of all creation including sub-human, human and divine.
  • God is eternal essence and the created world is a dependent reality and continue depending on the triune essence of God which is love.
  • Christian theology has two contradictory definitions of trinity as essential trinity of persons (unity in trinity) as body, Mind and Soul in one person. And in economic trinity the triune God is trinity in unity as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Thus Atraita God is both one and three and three in One in Himself.

The unity of essence can be explained in three existentially ,eg. Time is essentially one but existentially past, present and future. Again matter is essentially one but existentially proton, neutron and electrons. Water is essentially one but existentially solid ice, liquid water and in gaseous state it is vapor. Again home is essentially one and essentially father, mother and children. Thus duality is imperfect and trinity is perfect, similarly advaita is imperfect and Atraita is perfect. In Advaita there is only mutuality and reciprocity. In Atraita there is sharing also. The writer is the author of a small book entitled One religion of Love (CSS Thiruvalla). In my humble opinion Christianity must understand the global cosmic and infinite love of God. Within him all religions can be one kingdom of God. God is not faith nor hope which are charismata but God is love essentially and existentially. The Incarnation of God as Jesus Christ was the incarnation of love which is Infinite and Global. When Christ said “I am the way, the truth and the life” {Jn. 14:6}. He meant the divine love of God is the way from God to man. Ecclesiology includes not only the visible baptized church, but the infinite kingdom of God.

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