The Absence Of Parents In The Keralite Families In America

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Problem In The Parent-Child Relationship

Our children are lacking the presence of parents because of the busy life in the United States and the demands of work on both parents. Our fathers are working more than 40 hours a week and our mothers are working almost 60 hours a week. A typical day for these parents starts before the children rise, with a hurried breakfast followed by a tedious trip to the office, either by commuter train or bus or by a tense and frustrating drive on a crowded freeway. They may arrive home, worn from work and a tiresome commute, so late. They are not in mood for family prayer and a leisurely family dinner of sharing daily experiences.

It limits the quality time spent with children and the guidance that parents are expected to provide. The impact of this phenomenon on the parent-child relationship is huge and negative. This affects the personality development of the child.

Those who become successful in life have come from homes where parental attitudes towards them were favorable and where a wholesome relationship existed between them and their parents. A wholesome relationship between parents and children produce happy, friendly children who are constructive and affectionate members of the group.

The word ‘parenthood’ implies its heavy obligations as well as its rich joys because it involves their participation in the continuing creative work of God. The couple by using God-given powers of creation brings a child into the world. The mission of parents is not ended with the generation of life but is prolonged in the care given to the child. The transmission of human life in a way adequate to its dignity demands the prolonged love and protection of the family.

Both parents are responsible to God to properly expose their children to spiritual training. The father and mother should help ground the child in firm understanding of God’s character and also in the relationship God wants to have with his people in general, the church and society.

Through the family, children are introduced into the Church. A truly Christian family is therefore vital for the life and development of God’s people. By praying with their children, by reading the word of God with them, and by introducing them deeply through Christian initiation into the Body of Christ, both the Eucharistic and ecclesiastical body, the parents fulfill the responsibility as the workers of God.

Parents are the most powerful force in child’s life, in every way. Genetics determines the child’s physical characteristics, of course, but what the parents do and how the parents do it, the parents’ attitudes and viewpoints, will influence how the child views people, events and the world as it is and can be. What the parent does or does not do will leave an impression. How much the parents are there or not there will be remembered. The interaction will serve as a framework for how the child goes about the business of living.

What the children of the Indian Orthodox immigrant parents in the United States lack is the presence of their parents. Children do not get their parents’ love through hugging, smiling and talking.

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