Oriental Orthodox Youth Retreat In Atlanta

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ATLANTA: The Oriental Orthodox Churches of Atlanta (OOCA), organized its annual youth retreat at Simpsonwood Conference Center. Over 85 youngsters from the high school and collegiate level attended the retreat from the Coptic, Indian, Syrian, Eritrean, Armenian, and Ethiopian Churches. The whole-day retreat was based on the theme, Unity in Christ, taken from 1 Corinthians 10:17.

Rev. Fr. Asmerom (Eritrean Orthodox Church) presented the first lesson on unity with God. The second lesson was prepared by Rev. Dr. Mathew Koshy (Indian Orthodox Church) on unity with each other, which focused on the transformational aspects of the self within a growing community. Events included bonding activities for the youngsters, prayers from the various Orthodox rites, lessons from the clergy of the OOCA, a panel discussion, and sporting events. Clergy, parents, and youth participated in the team-building activities and a basketball tournament.

The retreat proved to be great success for all of metro-Atlanta.” it served as a reminder for unity among Orthodox brothers and sisters, and also emphasized the importance and applicability of clergy, parents, and youth working together in today’s diverse society” percipients commended.

Mr. Michael Nawar (Youth Coordinator) was able to conduct this event under the guidance of clergy from the OOCA along with assistance from youth representatives of Atlanta’s local parishes, including Manoj Mathew, Jacob David, and Solomon Ghebre.

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