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ALBANY: A meeting of the Albany St. Paul’s Orthodox Congregation has decided to register a church under the Indian Orthodox diocese of America, held on Sunday, August 14th, 2005 at 7:30 p.m. after Evening Prayers at 1565 Western Avenue United Methodist Church. Very Rev. Chor Episcopos Thomas P. Mundukuzhy presided over the meeting.

This congregation was functioning for the last several years in association with the Albany United Christian Fellowship.

Very Rev. Chor Episcopos Thomas P. Mundukuzhy reiterated that several of our members had voiced the need to start an Orthodox church in Albany and had filled up membership applications for the same. He called on each of the members to come up and voice their opinions. Varghese Athimootil, Babukutty Kunju Kunju, Varghese Zacharia, Mathew Samuel, Anil Thomas, Paul John, and Chacko Thomas spoke on the occasion.

Chor Episcopos said that Sam Mannikarottu conveyed his complete support for this attempt earlier since he could not be present at this meeting. Jose Zachariah and Davy Cheeran filled their membership application form. The speakers generally agreed that while it was not easy to part ways with the fellowship of which they had been a part for so long, considering the recent turn of events and the future of the children, it was in our best interest to register an Orthodox church officially. A point was raised about asking for a share of the financial assets in the UCF fund, since our members had contributed a good share of the UCF fund; it was decided to bring this up in the upcoming UCF meeting on August 21st.

Also the following decisions were taken:

1. The first Orthodox Service of the newly starting church shall be held on September 11th;

2. An Executive Committee for the functioning of the parish and Board of Trustees for registering the church shall be elected on September 11th after the Holy Communion Service;

3. To move or not to move from the current location shall be decided at the meeting on September 11th;

4. Any other concerns regarding the future of the parish shall be discussed and decided at this next meeting;

5. Paul John shall communicate our decisions to the UCF and he shall also contact our members via emails/phone calls.

Chor Episcopos approved the membership of the members who filled out the application.

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