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Fr. T. J. Joshua – The Great Evangelist , Theologian And Orator


PHILADELPHIA: A Under the joint auspices of the Orthodox churches in the city of brotherly love – Philadelphia – its 11th Gospel convention was held in 3 days at the St. Thomas Orthodox Church Auditorium.

The convention was particularly noteworthy for two reasons, this year. Most important was the presence of Fr. T. J. Joshua and the other was being able to convene such a convention in Orthodox Church own facility – the magnificent and huge Church complex acquired by St. Thomas Church.

Sensing the mood of the 1000 plus faithful gathered in the two days speaks the importance of a joint Orthodox Gospel convention. The participants listened the majestic and heart piercing voice of our great orator Fr.T.J.Joshua . “It was a revival and refreshing for those heard this servant of God at least once in the past and it was new experience for those never heard him, mainly the children” many reflected.

Fr.Joshua captivated the listeners in pin drop silence with his theological insights put as simple as to be able to comprehend by the young and old, the little learned and the learned and Malayalam speaking and English speaking audience. Fr.Joshua spoke about the importance of seeking the Feet, Hands and the Face of our Lord and ultimately to surrender the self before Him.

A To be at the feet of our Lord, to look at the nail print of our Lord and at the face of Lord. To regain the lost humility of our people, at the feet of Jesus, recount the suffering of our Lord looking the nail pierced arms and seek the protection of the hands those created the universe and seek the joy of the face of our lord,- reminded Fr.Joshua

The 3 days oration led the faithful in a pilgrimage. The physical inflictions that Fr.T.J. Joshua had to go through was a new awareness for most of the attendees. And yet the the deep understanding of the great plans of our Lord to sustain this great evangelist though the sufferings speaks to everyone a lot.

“Pray for this great son of Malankara Sabha for good health and long life. We cant’ wait for another opportunity to listen to this great voice of God through Joshua Achen” many praised the Lord and said..