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NEW YORK: “As the youth of the Orthodox Church, each member has the responsibility and duty to be involved in the MGOCSM and partake in its activities, advised His Grace Zachariah Mar Nicholovos, Assistant Metropolitan of the American Diocese.

Mar Nicholovos was speaking on the occasion of the MGOCSM Charity Banquet, held on Friday, July 1, 2005 at Akbar Restaurant, Long Island, New York.

Almost one hundred youth from the northeastern region attended the banquet. Chor-Episcopos P.S.Samuel also spoke on the occasion. He reiterated the importance of preparing the youth for taking up leadership roles within the Church.

A slideshow showcasing various activities of the MGOCSM was shown to the attendees. Miss Lincy Thomas made a presentation about Missions 2005, which took place last month, in which certain young men and women from different parts of the United States visited Kerala and stayed at chosen mission centers of the Orthodox Church. Lincy spoke of their experiences at St. Paul’s Convent and Balagram and showed pictures from their visit.

The proceeds of the banquet would be sent to the Balagram for the repair of the car which was damaged in the unfortunate accident which took place last month that took the life of Sister Helen of the Convent.

The welcome speech and vote of thanks was given by Judy Ninan, the Event Organizer of the Banquet. Deacon Aju Mathews was the Master of Ceremonies at the event.

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