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Actions By The Rival Catholicos Deplorable : Philipose Philip


NEW YORK: “The drama being enacted by the rival Catholicos (Sreshta) during the last one week has been watched by many Keralites all over the world. People couldn’t even believe what they were seeing. The head of a faction sitting in the middle of the road for more than 8 hours, then for another 24 plus hours inside a Jacobite Church and again a third time at a Hospital!. It is highly deplorable” said Philipose Philip, Sabha Managing Committee Member in New York.

Philipose Philip said this while responding to the propaganda made through media on Thrikkunnathu Seminary issue by the Jacobite Church.

Philipose Philip also said that it is shame to the Christian community by this Bishop’s actions at Aluva. The only thing this Bishop could provide to his faithful was Lathi charge and Arrest by the Police ( by pelting stones at Police and setting fire on a Government car)” he continued.

“All this happened without any provocation from the Orthodox faithful. Thank God for there were no Orthodox faithful at the scene of the incident. Otherwise they would have been blamed” he added.

“What is this Bishop trying to do?”, asked Philipose Philip. “Thrikkunnathu Seminary and its Chapel is under the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church. The Church has every right to appoint or transfer Bishops or Priests there. That is the only thing we did during these days” he clarified. This is just like some body telling us how to run our Home- he added.

Philipose Philip also asserted that Jacobite Church is trying to create trouble and fish in the muddy waters”. He called upon the faithful to be alert on the ones trying to discredit the Bishops who have joined the Church. “We should also not to judge them by what we hear from these people” he continued.

Philipose Philip reminded the faithful to pray for Beloved Bava Thirumeni, His Holiness Baselius Marthoma Mathews II and to stand behind His Holiness unwavering.