Tension Around Thrikkunnathu Seminary Premise

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ALUVA: The attempt of the Catholicos-Elect Thomas Mar Thimothios to establish the headquarters of Diocese of Angamaly East at the Thrikkunnathu Seminary created un precedent tension here on Friday, according media reports. Now Catholicos-Elect Mar Thimothios is in charge of Angamaly East following the resignation of Bishop Severios, who had been its bishop.

Without fully understanding the situation, the Catholicos-Elect reached Thrikkunnathu seminary to establish an office at Thrikkunnathu seminary for Angamaly East and eventually to give this place to a Metropolitan who is set to be the successor to bishop Severios. Foreseeing the danger of giving Thrikkunnathu Seminary under the custody of a Metropolitan who had come from the Patriarchal faction, Chor-Episcopos Jacob Mannaraprayil, vicar at Thukkunnah Seminary and the Orthodox faithful attached to it resisted the move, which created an unhealthy tension.

“The church leaders do not understand the trap arranged behind this move. The people who are against the vicar and Manager of Thrikkunnathu seminary Jacob Mannaraprayil Chor-Episcopos are not trustworthy. They have a hidden agenda to grab this Seminary for the dissident faction.” one of the observers told Indian Orthodox Herald.

Mannaraprayil reportedly called for the police to protect himself and the property of the seminary. Police Superintendent M. Wahab visited the seminary premises to check the law and order on campus

A strong police contingent, including officers of Aluva Sub-Division led by DySP E.T.Mathew, has camped around the seminary in order to protect the Seminary and its properties. This was necessary because of a threat that the seminary would be taken over by the gangs of a metropolitan, violating a court order.

“This was not a procedure against the leaders of the Malankara Church; this is to save the seminary from from going into the hands of the enemies” said Mannaraprayil

(Indian Orthodox Herald wonder why the office of the diocese of the Angamaly East should be at Thrikkunnathu Seminary? Can’t they not find and adequate place some where within territories of that diocese)

Further, he reportedly told the police that no Kalpana from Devalokam could be enforced in the seminary, in the absence of its Metropolitan Paulos Mar Pachomios, who is undergoing treatment at Karthikappilly following a car accident.

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