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His Holiness the Catholicos In Kolencherry Medical College


KOLENCHERRY: His Holiness The Catholicos Baselius Marthoma Mathews II was admitted in Kolencherry Medical College Hospital on Friday at 7.30 PM in Room No.2 of M1 ward. His Holiness was admitted in Century Hospital Chengannur on Friday after a severe flue infection from where he was taken into Kangazha MGDM Hospital. His Holiness was under the personal care of Kangazha Hospital for a long time. After reaching Kangazha Hospital, His Holiness went into coma for acute diabetes increase.

On January 6 His Holiness had attended the consecration of the Piralassery Church and presided over the public meeting there. Late night his health conditions deteriorated, and then he was taken to the Century Hospital.

“His Holiness is in a stable and good condition” informed Dr. C. K. Eapen (Medical college Director ), Dr. Sojan Ipe (Superintendent) , Dr. Eapen Punnose (Cardiologist), and Dr. John P. John (Neurologist). Since His Holiness is an acute diabetic, now it seems to have a decrease in his eye sight and it concerns us all. Hearing that His Holiness has been admitted in Kolencherry Hospital, hundreds of faithful are crowded at the VIP Hall of Kolencherry Medical College in the evening.

Metropolitan Thomas Mar Athanasius, P.M. Pailipilla (Sabha Managing Committee member), Fr. Abraham Poovathum Veettil (Vicar, Kolencherry Church) are now with His Holiness. in the medical College Hospital.

After contacting Devalokam Aramana the Asst. Metropolitan of the American diocese H.G. Zachariahs Mar Nicholovos informed Indian Orthodox Herald that His Holiness has been recovered from coma and now his condition is stable.

Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios, Dr. Mathews Mar Severios, Dr. Abraham Mar Severios, Zachariahs Mar Anthonios and Dr. Alexander Karakkal had visited His Holiness in the Hospital.