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American Diocese To Raise $2,50,000 As Tsunami Relief

tsunami“It was shocking to hear the Tsunami disaster and its aftermath in South Asian countries. The unexpected calamities of nature are always incomprehensible. As an initial contribution we are making a donation of $5000 from our personal resources”" said Mar Nicholovos.

Immediately after returning from the parishes they had their Christmas Services, the Metropolitans of the American Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Church, decided to announce the collection of a ‘Tsunami Relief fund’ by the diocese.

“All of us are aware of the devastating tidal wave that hit the coasts of many of the Asian and African nations killing more than one hundred thousand people. The reports point that many of these nations without proper infrastructure and financial resources are struggling to deal with the effects of the disaster.

We find that it is our Christian obligation to help the needy in whatever way we can. We are setting up a Disaster Relief Fund to provide help to the people who have been affected by the Tsunami Natural Disaster.

We exhort all of you to contribute whole-heartedly for the cause, collect as much money as possible, and send it to the American Diocese as early as possible so that we can provide assistance to the needy”, informed the Metropolitans of the American diocese jointly vide Kalpana No. CK.35/2004 on Dec.30, 2004.

“We are expecting $2,50,000 from all of the parishes from American diocese for this noble cause. Hope everyone will rise to the occasion to contribute liberally and wholeheartedly” said H.G. Mar Zachariahs Nicholovos to Indian Orthodox Herald.

“One of our young priests, Fr. John Joshby Thomas was preparing for Holy Qurbana on 26th morning when Tsunami struck. He along with the people had to flee to the forest and to a hilly place to save their lives and they stayed on the hill for three full days before they were evacuated on Wednesday, 29 Dec. They were literally starving on the hill! .Now they are back in Port Blair”, said the Madras diocesan Metropolitan Dr. Yakob Mar Irenaios in Madras.