The ´Sathabhishekam´ Of the Catholicos Elect Mar Themothios

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PATHANAPURAM: Thomas Mar Themothios, the Catholicos Elect of Malankara had entered the 84th year. His ´Sathabhiskha´ celebrations were conducted at St. Stephan´s Higher Secondary School, Pathanapuram on Oct 29.

The program started at 2 p.m. The function was inaugurated by Sri.Aryadan Muhamed, Kerala Minister of Electricity. The Catholicos Baselius Marthoma Mathews II, presided over the function.

In his inaugural address the Minister said that the services of Metropolitan Thomas Mar Themothios to the church. He observed that the Metropolitan´s greatness lies to in the fact that he combined together his services to the priesthood and to the laymen. He perpetuated the Dayara system by giving prominence to spiritual progress; at the sometime he gave leadership to activities that resulted the world by progress of the community. He reminded the audience that no country or institutions can achieve real progress by accelerating material growth and forgetting spiritual upliftment. The fall of Soviet Union is an example for this.

In his message of felicitation Sri Adoor Prekash pointed out the great services rendered by the Metropolitan for the development of Pathanapuram by starting and helping the growth of various educational institutions.

B. Genesh Kumar M.L.A. made a speech of felicitation. He observed that the Mount Tabor Dayara, and the eighteen education Institutions functioning under the the proper guidance of the Metropolitan have a positive influence upon the social life and cultural of Pathanapuram.

In his presidential address the His Holiness expressed the satisfaction his predecessor would be more eminent than him. He said that the Metropolitan´s activities had often inspired him.

The representatives of many organizations and institutions participated. His Holiness The Catholicos released the book ´´ about the life of service of Catholicos- Elect.

Dr. K. C. Abraham, T.J. Peter, the principal of St.Stephan´s Higher Secondary School, Jayan Uzhavath and Joji Kailath made felicitations.

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